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ATEX-cameras / EX-cameras

MOBOTIX Cameras for ATEX areas up to zone 0, as well as thermal cameras up to zone 1.


Key Features & Benefits

Risk prediction
Safe loading dock
Zone 0, 1 and 2 as well as 21 and 22
Industry 4.0
Industrial automation
Optical process control device

ATEX-cameras / EX-cameras

Camera systems up to Zone 0. In usage for industrial processes such as inspection glasses, vessels, fire behavior of torches an much more. The risk prediction to enhance the operational safety in combination with localization systems are in our portfolio as well as process documentation systems.

Detecting Anomalies in Body Temperature at BG Klinik Ludwigshafen

In high-risk areas (e.g. hospitals, office buildings, administrative offices, airports, train stations), it is vital to be able to quickly detect whether someone has a higher than normal body temperature, as fever is a symptom of illness in humans. Isolating such "high-risk people" quickly for further testing is mandatory, even in office buildings and public facilities such as train stations and airports. As a solution, BG Klinik has chosen MOBOTIX cameras that can detect anomalies in body temperature using technology developed by the MOBOTIX technology partner Tec Trade Solution (TTS). Visitors' entrances are monitored to protect patients, staff and visitors. You can download the appropriate document about the case study further down the page.

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