Reduced Cost – Real-time Monitoring – Digital Image Detection

Power grid operators are set to save time and money with new surveillance technology for overhead power lines. The monitoring system is developed by Laki Power and uses MOBOTIX cameras. For the first time, operators will have live, real-time video images of critical infrastructure from surveillance devices attached to power lines. 

Risks & Challenges

As society switches from fossil fuels to more electricity, demand on power infrastructures increases significantly, so power grid operators need to maximise network capabilities. But protection against threats like fire, line icing and extreme environmental conditions in remote areas make monitoring network integrity challenging. Using CCTV equipment has, until now, been almost impossible because of power requirements in areas where there is no access to electricity. Installing diesel, solar or wind generators is costly and only for the most challenging locations.


The MOBOTIX solution is critical to helping us develop an innovative way for power grid operators to transform the surveillance of overhead power lines. MOBOTIX enables our technology to deliver live video and high-resolution images in harsh, inhospitable conditions.

Bjorgvin Sigurdsson, CEO, Laki Power

Solutions & Benefits

The Laki Power LKX multi-purpose surveillance station is designed to withstand the high-voltage and electromagnetic fields that prevail on power lines. It uses MOBOTIX cameras and other sensors to monitor power cables, pylons and the immediate environment for damage and threats like fire, ice or fallen trees.  According to estimates from grid operators, Laki Power saves over 90 percent of installation costs compared to current solutions.

After several failed trials with other CCTV equipment, Laki Power chose MOBOTIX technology. Besides image quality and clarity, MOBOTIX cameras are very durable especially in harsh conditions. The cameras are fibreglass so do not corrode or interfere with conduction and, with other components, cut the number of moving parts making the LKX less likely to fail.


Alongside trial projects with the Icelandic and Norwegian grid operators, Landsnet and Statnett, Laki Power is working with multiple other operators around the world to test the product. Laki Power has established an ongoing partnership with MOBOTIX to develop and enhance the LKX product platform with advanced capabilities. This includes technologies such as MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras to detect wildfire risks and helping operators leverage big data and video images for intelligent, AI-based network management.