Car dealerships are always a popular target for break-ins and theft. This applies also to Euler Group BMW dealerships in Kaiserslautern and Landstuhl, Germany. In order to protect these dealerships, the MOBOTIX partner "SCHIRRA IT" created a customized security concept. In 2015, four M15 thermal cameras with an additional optical sensor, five M15 day/night cameras and a further S15 for monitoring the cash register have been installed in the refurbished used car dealership in Kaiserslautern.

BMW Euler
BMW Euler

The thermal modules deliver images of a very high quality day and night. Moreover, using the motion detection software MxActivitySensor an alarm is triggered notifying a security company that is connected with the cameras when an unauthorized person is moving on the premises. Also in the new car dealership in Landstuhl four S15 cameras with thermal sensor, four S15 sensors, a M15 day/night camera and a S15 day/night camera have been installed. Since the installation the car dealership has not been subject to any incidents any more.

Thanks to the decentralized concept we need considerably less cameras and no costly video software. That way, we saved a lot of money and are convinced of the MOBOTIX solutions.

Yvonne Hilgendorff, Security Office for the Euler Group in Frankfurt

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