TSK, founded in 1986 and based in Spain, is a global company for sustainable development through innovative technologies. TSK offers solutions for various industries such as electrical infrastructures, industrial plants, conventional and renewable power generation plants, gas-to-power, water treatment plants, or storage and handling facilities for raw materials. The Gijón-based company employs more than 1,000 people and carries out projects in more than 50 countries with a turnover of approximately one billion euros. 

The Solution: Reliability, Image Quality, and Interfaces 

SIXPERIENCE from TSK is a virtual reality-based system for industrial operations and remote maintenance. The MOBOTIX cameras were used as a connecting element for interaction. While the MOBOTIX video systems show the live image, the virtual TSK technology, which is connected to the Internet, ensures that the viewer has the impression that he is moving through the scenery himself. He can even touch things (such as switches) and interact with them, which creates countless possibilities within virtual reality. For example, the SIXPERIENCE user can also control a robot, from which the MOBOTIX cameras provide a view of the real world and the robot's surroundings. Thus, The user can carry out maintenance and operations safely from a distance while having the impression of being on-site, thanks to the virtual link. 

Conclusion: Successful Integration is Being Expanded

Juan Luis Carús Candás, Innovation Manager at TSK Electrónica y Electricidad, summarizes: "We chose MOBOTIX because the camera is easy to customize and configure. In addition, the software and the HTTP API offer us many possibilities. Another important factor is the durability and resistance of the MOBOTIX cameras, which guarantee the best results even in the harshest environments." 

One of the most interesting areas where we are applying this video technology is vision in robotic missions.

Saúl Castillo Valdés, Immersive Technologies Engineer, Digital Innovation Department at TSK