Ensuring high-value goods, equipment and people are safe and secure is difficult at the best of times. But when they are scattered across the globe and face harsh mid-ocean weather conditions the challenge is much harder. Such was the problem facing Goldenport and Oceangold, two Greek sister companies operating in the international shipping industry. Goldenport operates a fleet of bulk carrier and container vessels and provides a range of services covering every aspect of ship management. This includes global shipping services for charterers and innovative solutions for transporting cargo.


Risks & Challenges

Goldenport and Oceangold vessels make long-distant ocean journeys transporting valuable raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods, crude oil, petroleum products and edible oils, and they have a duty of care to their clients and partners to provide the highest levels of protection. The companies wanted to use video technology to enhance security and safety. But the vessels operate in some of the harshest and inhospitable environments in the world traveling day or night in stormy weather, and dusty and humid conditions.

Solutions & Benefits

Goldenport and Oceangold decided to work with MOBOTIX and its Greek business partner In2Solution because both companies understood the unique demands of the project. This meant designing and installing a video system on each vessel that could operate automatically in extreme weather and environment conditions and still deliver clear, high-quality images. So far, the solution has included 61 MOBOTIX cameras offering hemispheric, thermal imaging and all-round outdoor capabilities connected to six GPS units and Synology NAS storage.

MOBOTIX reliability is also important in minimizing maintenance and part replacement which is difficult when cameras are on ships in the middle of the ocean for several weeks.


The vision for Goldenport and Oceangold is to be leaders in global shipping management. Part of achieving that is partnering with suppliers like MOBOTIX and In2Solution and deploying their efficient and cost-effective video technology. Their solution has enabled us to deliver secure, controlled and well-managed services to our customers.

Ioannis Agelis, ICT Manager, Goldenport & Oceangold


Goldenport and Oceangold have partnered with MOBOTIX and In2Solution to develop a smart video surveillance system for their ocean-going vessels. It ensures high-value cargo is transported and delivered safely and efficiently across the globe. Innovative ideas from MOBOTIX and In2Solution to this complex and challenging installation ensured that Goldenport and Oceangold got a high-quality, high-performance, but also value-for-money solution.