Fast, punctual deliveries are the be all and end all in logistics. Flawless operations in a fully automated warehousing system with as few downtimes as possible can prevent significant economic losses. This is why Kardex Mlog equips its storage and retrieval systems with MOBOTIX S15D cameras. Kardex Mlog especially appreciates that the video systems can be ideally adapted to pre-existing IT infrastructures and do not require any additional cables or programs.

Kardex MLOG
Kardex MLOG

Each storage and retrieval system is equipped with an S15D camera, providing a 360-degree bird’s eye, all-round view. The installed video systems now also give the warehouse operators the option to analyze the cause of the disruption using the recording and quickly implement targeted troubleshooting measures.

The downtimes have been reduced by 25 to 30 percent on average since the camera system has been installed. In my opinion, the system is unrivaled on the market.

Norbert E. Raif, Managing Director at IBC Raif GmbH

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