MOBOTIX Solution Packs

MOBOTIX offers its customers real added value by combining MOBOTIX video technology to meet the exact requirements and business challenges customers face. MOBOTIX technology makes work, leisure and learning environments safer, more efficient and a better experience for people.


MOBOTIX solution packs typically comprise two types:
•    Challenges or functions that occur in specific niches, special areas or individual companies
•    Situations that apply to certain industries but can also be of interest to several industries at the same time


MOBOTIX technology ‘toolboxes’ target specific business problems

In the food & beverage industry, for example, there are unique requirements for maintaining a temperature-controlled supply chain. Alternatively, energy suppliers who need to monitor remote overhead power lines, have completely different requirements for video technology. 

With its broad portfolio of cameras, lenses, sensors and intelligent apps, MOBOTIX solution packs can be developed to address these specific challenges and requirements accurately with the best video technology toolbox.

In addition, MOBOTIX technology itself can trigger a solution pack. For example, thermal TR technology combined with a blackbody emitter can detect body temperatures. This then becomes a solution pack ideal for many industries, such as healthcare, transport and national or local authorities, to tackle pandemics. 

You are interested in our solution packs or in finding an individual solution? Contact us - we will be happy to help you!