MOBOTIX Video Technology for Vaccination Centers

Protect people. Monitor processes.

As central hubs in the fight against the pandemic, the new vaccination centers represent an essential structural task. Smooth processes at all levels must be ensured. You have to protect staff, patients, vaccines, as well as the facility and the equipment. MOBOTIX video technology can effectively support this.

Lösungen - Impfzentren

Four Key Areas in Vaccination Centers

  1. Safeguarding vaccine doses
  2. Monitor entrance areas
  3. Monitoring service and waiting areas
  4. Burglary and theft protection


Mask detection, people counting, support of "Social Distancing" , access control and documentation - MOBOTIX video technology can provide valuable services for the new vaccination centers.

Discover all areas of application of MOBOTIX video technology in vaccination centers in our flyer:

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