The Château de Chambord is a real fairytale castle. This unique building is considered the Loire region‘s largest and most magnificent castle. The listed ensemble „le domaine national de Chambord“ a stately 426 rooms and a 1500-hectare, devotedly maintained park. All this is garnished with 500 years of French history - what a magical place!

The challenge - respecting the leisure of visitors 

To allow visitors to explore this paradise of leisure and tranquility, a video security system was installed and has been continuously developed since 2016. In 2019, the premises hosted an exhibition commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. This required the reinforcement of security measures. After all, the extraordinary exhibition presented nearly 150 works from the collections of renowned institutions. Many of the valuable objects were directly related to Leonardo da Vinci.

The solution - discretion protects fascination 

Denis Follain, director of ADS2, the company that plans to install the video security system, describes the triple challenge: „In this fascinating place that receives thousands of visitors from all over the world, security is paramount. The installed video system must be sensitively integrated into the ambiance while providing effective protection - both for the people and the high property values.“ To date, 71 MOBOTIX cameras have been installed, including 12 cameras with dual lenses. As a result, 83 areas are monitored with a resolution of up to six megapixels. For maximum discretion, the S16 cameras installed outside Chambord Castle were all painted the same color as the stone and discreetly mounted in window openings over five meters above the ground.

Conclusion - old walls, new cameras, future apps 

The „digital moat“ has also been thought of: The „MOBOTIX Cactus Concept“ and the cyber security certificate „CNPP Certified, intégrant la dimension cyber“ were able to prove the high MOBOTIX competence in cyber security. Old meets new! The castle administration plans to install several MOBOTIX 7 cameras to optimize protection and processes. This way, even artificial intelligence can move into the old walls. Supported by intelligent apps, visitors can be counted automatically. For example, both left-behind luggage and smoke and fire can be detected. Outside, the cameras will monitor parking lots by day and night and control the entry and exit of vehicles (automatic recognition of license plates). In this way, MOBOTIX video technology helps increase security even further and optimize processes simultaneously. This saves time and money.

The ability of MOBOTIX to encrypt the data through end-to-end encryption from the source image to the image management system on the users’ the user’s computer and the data storage, is highly appreciated.

Denis Follain, Head of ADS2