MxIRLight & MxSplitProtect

Discreet Infrared Illuminator. Intelligent Installation.

Protection measures using conventional light can be quite a nuisance in densely populated areas, in remote outdoor areas or in production facilities. Annoying glare is eliminated by using virtually invisible infrared light (860 nm) that consumes max. 19 W for top-rate energy efficiency.

MxIRLight & MxSplitProtect

MxIRLight Series

  • Weatherproof, high-performance infrared illuminator
  • Supplied with power via network cable in conformity with the PoE+ standard (max. 19 W)
  • For MOBOTIX cameras with night sensor, e.g., M16
  • Six different beam angles ranging from 15° to 120°
  • Maximum range of 20 to 160 meters
  • Suitable for B036 to B237 lenses from MOBOTIX

MxSplitProtect And MxSplitProtectHR

  • Weatherproof installation box
  • and separate hat rail (HR) module,
  • each includes surge protection of up to 4 kV
  • for connecting two IP cameras/PoE+ devices
  • via a single Ethernet installation cable