The video analytic app can be employed in areas where it exists a transit area or a gate to which it is possible to associate a virtual crossing line (for instance near a door, a corridor or a turnstile). AI-People performs the counting of persons crossing this line in a given direction.

  • Counts people at an intersection line (e.g. entrance)
  • License required, one-time payment for unlimited period of use
  • Unlimited number of virtual lines configurable by the use
  • Can be installed both in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Thanks to advanced algorithms of artificial vision and artificial intelligence, AI-People guarantees high performance even in complex situations, such as multiple passages, in presence of shopping carts and strollers
  • Accuracy: more than 95 %

Best suited for the requirements of the following industries:

Industry & Production; Government; Retail; Healthcare; Education & Science


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