Cannes is known worldwide for its film festival around the “Boulevard de la Croisette”. The two-kilometer-long promenade, lined with stores, restaurants, casinos, and the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, borders directly on a wide sandy beach.


Challenge - Please, do not disturb!

Cannes should be accessible, safe and enjoyable for citizens and guests away from the film festival. Video surveillance should be as discreet as possible to protect the aesthetics around the legendary promenade. Technilum, the innovative designer and supplier of urban lighting and furnishings, won the 2019 tender to upgrade the Croisette with its “Smart-In-Site” solution around intelligent urban lighting.

© Hugo Da Costa

We make life easier for communities by offering all-in-one packages that integrate and combine smart applications. Like those of MOBOTIX cameras, which are discreet, efficient, flexible and innovative, opening up a host of new possibilities.

Vassili Beillas, Technilum Operations Manager
© Hugo Da Costa

Solution - Seeing well without being seen

MOBOTIX IoT cameras are integrated into Technilum’s networked and intelligent lighting furniture. As seen in the images, the lens below the lighting is entirely hidden. That’s why the S16 DualFlex was made for Technilum’s solutions. The S16 is weatherproof and highly flexible in its installation. The two sensor modules are connected to the concealed camera housing via cables up to three meters long. Just one camera can thus cover a large area. That is discretion in perfection!

34 Technilum masts on the Croisette house the discreet MOBOTIX video technology with 180-degree vision. They are directly connected to the city’s urban security center. Along the Croisette, there are two poles per beach access, plus other street furniture with several combined functions: From lighting and signage to audio function, menu and banner stand, or even mailboxes.

Summary - Smart partnership for smart cities

In addition to reliability, weather resistance, and flexibility, CNPP certified cybersecurity was an essential criterion for selecting MOBOTIX systems. 

MOBOTIX was also able to score with its large selection of optics. In general, the project managers praised the excellent image quality, even in low light conditions. Fewer cameras, thanks to hemispherical technology and the lower bandwidth via the decentralized system, save money, as does the almost complete avoidance of false alarms with MxActivitySensor.