The project realized by LivingTECH and MOBOTIX with the support of C&D Elettronica is one of the few examples of home automation used in the Italian social sector. This project was realized on behalf of a 30-year-old woman in Bergamo who was left quadriplegic after an accident. The project, which was funded in full by the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL), involves the use of a mobile Apple device (iPod Touch), which can be worn on the wrist or on the neck, thus enabling the young woman to use over 50 functions in an easy and integrated manner. HiDOM was also installed on the device; this is an app developed and realized by LivingTECH on the basis of powerful MOBOTIX technology, specifically taking into account the hindrances faced by and special needs of users with a disability.


Using an iPod Touch, the patient can access five 360-degree MOBOTIX cameras wirelessly installed in every room of the house as well as an IP video Door Station. Family members and doctors can also view these via direct access. The video surveillance system ensures security and helps the woman feel safe when she is home alone. She is always in direct contact with people inside or outside of the house, thanks to round-the-clock service or specific warning messages, and can also open the door herself. Moreover, thanks to the microphones in the cameras, she can also communicate with people and make phone calls.

We opted for MOBOTIX solely on the basis of technical considerations. We chose the best the market had to offer, since we wanted excellent quality. We chose MOBOTIX cameras not only because of the quality of their images, which is superior to that provided by all similar technologies, but also because they are equipped with an integrated web server for managing and processing the images. This minimizes the bandwidth and space necessary for data archiving and eliminates the need to install any additional or customized software on the PC or any other external devices.

Riccardo Comper, Owner, LivingTECH

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