Discreet and reliable — helps people to help themselves

The Savelberg Care Center in Gouda focuses on helping the elderly and dementia patients to help themselves. The facility uses MOBOTIX cameras with the Conview Care solution from Leertouwer. The discreet, easily manageable video system includes video surveillance, audio, and motion detection.



Savelberg Netherland
Savelberg Netherland

The discrete, high-resolution Q25 MOBOTIX cameras in about 40 apartments function as intelligent video sensors. The employees' work is made considerably easier. As soon as a resident leaves their living area or bed, the employees automatically receive a message. They no longer have to make unnecessary night-time rounds that disturb the residents' sleep and can still intervene immediately if there really is a problem. The discreet system, which enables rapid intervention without constant personal monitoring, is fully beneficial to the residents and staff's well-being.

Each residential unit is equipped with a camera featuring a smart sensor, which sends an automatic message as soon as a resident gets out of bed. Our staff do not need to make unnecessary rounds at night anymore, which may disturb the residents’ sleep. But they can still take action if there is a real problem. Around 40 apartments are currently equipped with a MOBOTIX Q25 camera connected to Conview Care. So far, they have worked very well without any problems whatsoever. Implementation was easier than expected. Our care staff like the system very much, and are happy with the solution. It enables a new style of working for them that improves the well-being of our residents. Given the positive experience we have had, we intend to continue working with Leertouwer to equip all apartments with Conview Care and smart MOBOTIX cameras over the next few years.

Irene Feenstra, Director of the Savelberg center

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