The Park Vossenberg nursing home in Kaatsheuvel (Netherlands) has 89 attractive apartments for elderly people. The nursing home aims to provide all residents with the highest possible level of freedom in a safe environment.

Challenge: Safe and Independent Living

Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen (ZGEM) provides care and support for elderly people in the central and north-east areas of the North Brabant region in the Netherlands. The organization manages the Park Vossenberg living complex, which is based on the outskirts of Kaatsheuvel and encompasses 89 apartments. The complex includes a renovated chapel to serve as a hub and meeting place, as well as a restaurant and a library. “We want our residents to be able to live independently for as long as possible in a pleasant and safe environment. This prompted us to search for intelligent building automation to support both residents and staff,” says Monique Kolmans, Manager for Housing, Welfare and Care. Around 30 of the residents have come from care homes where independent living is not possible, and they have now been able to regain more freedom and control over their own lives. Another key reason for installing intelligent home automation is to take some of the pressure off the busy nursing staff.

Solution: Intelligent Sensors Monitor Living Spaces

Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen commissioned AMR ICT to set up intelligent building automation in three virtual residential zones where residents move around. The first zone monitors the safety of all residents within the residential complex, while the second zone monitors the outside area surrounding the complex. The third zone is for residents who have unrestricted freedom of movement. “Based on all requirements, AMR ICT recommended high-resolution MOBOTIX cameras as intelligent sensors,” says Giovanni van Keulen, Team Coach of ICT Services at Maasduinen Care Group. “AMR ICT integrated the cameras into the nurse call system (VOS) with wandering detection and into our fire alarm system using IQ Messenger and Kadex. In addition, thanks to the voice-controlled connection, we can use Kompy Nano SafetyTracer devices as walkie-talkies.”

Conclusion: Plug & Play For The Best Overview

“One important selection requirement was that our nursing staff have to be able to easily operate and manage the home automation themselves,” says Kolmans. “They don’t want to be dependent on IT colleagues or suppliers during evenings, nights or weekends. We discovered that activating or temporarily switching off the intelligent sensor is really a matter of Plug & Play. I have seen very few projects that could be carried out so easily and with so little hassle. The MOBOTIX cameras also have certified cybersecurity and comply with GDPR regulations, which is very important for us as a healthcare organization.

The quality and reliability of the 360-degree view, the image quality and the integrated audio function of the MOBOTIX systems won us over. In addition, AMR ICT—the partner of MOBOTIX—has an excellent reputation in the care sector.

Giovanni van Keulen, trainer of the ICT Service Team at Zorggroe Elde Maasduinen