Wasco monitors logistics with smart cameras

Wasco uses smart cameras to monitor the logistics for some 500,000 installation products. This wholesaler for the installation sector visually monitors how all products are prepared for customer orders and how they leave the distribution centre as well as arrive at the branches. ICT Service & Support Team Leader Edwin Moddejonge talks about his experiences using more than 160 MOBOTIX cameras and partly managing them via the cloud.

Visibility of incoming and outgoing products

Wasco has been a specialist wholesaler of heating, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation and spare parts for 50 years. The company unburdens installers and other building customers with expert advice, an extensive range of more than 500,000 products, innovative solutions and faultless fast delivery. Wasco has two distribution centres and 34 branches throughout the Netherlands. “We distinguish ourselves in the market with knowledge, service and fast delivery from stock”, summarizes Moddejonge. “That’s why, a few years ago, we felt the need to have a visual all incoming and outgoing products in our distribution centres and branches. To make it clear to our customers how and when the products they ordered were dispatched, and of course to prevent damage and theft of products.”


Monitoring logistics with smart cameras

Cameras can be used to monitor the exterior and surroundings of company sites and distribution centres as well as the internal logistics processes. “On the advice of our installation partner X-ICT and their distributor Gold-IP, we chose MOBOTIX IoT and AI smart cameras because of their robustness, comprehensive video software and ability to be centrally managed,” continues Moddejonge. “Furthermore, these cameras are cyber-secure, easy to configure with detection zones and deliver sharp image recordings. We use them to monitor our prepared orders at the loading bay, the loading of trucks, deliveries to our own branches and the outside of the distribution centre. In total, there are now more than 160 MOBOTIX cameras installed.

We find that after installation and configuration, the MOBOTIX cameras work without any problems and produce sharp recordings.

Edwin Moddejonge, Team Leader ICT Service & Support

Management and storage in the cloud

Wasco started installing smart MOBOTIX cameras in its branches and a newly built sustainable distribution centre in Apeldoorn as early as 2016. “For the first few years, we managed all the cameras here in the office and the images were temporarily stored in a data centre,” says Moddejonge. “Meanwhile, the distribution center’s management and storage have been migrated to MxLINQ in the cloud. The flexible capacity expansion simplifies the organization of the many branch offices enormously. Soon we will also manage the cameras of all branches via the cloud.

We have found that once the MOBOTIX cameras have been installed and configured, they work without any problems and produce sharp recordings. Furthermore, MOBOTIX partners X-ICT and Gold-IP have helped us professionally configure and manage the entire system.”