Short Hills Mall (USA)

The Mall at Short Hills is an upscale shopping center in Short Hills, N.J., that features more than 160 specialty stores.The 1.3-million-square-foot are equipped with a video security system to better protect customers, tenants and employees, while safeguarding the mall itself from vandalism and crime.

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Nearly 75 MOBOTIX DualDome D15 megapixel cameras provide day and night surveillance capabilities as well as the flexibility for operators to pan, tilt and zoom to specific areas when needed. DualDome cameras feature two lenses for 360-degree surveillance, and The Mall at Short Hills has benefited from this feature because the lenses are designed to operate independently.

Since each lens acts as a separate camera, the overall camera count was greatly reduced, not only helping maintain the aesthetic appeal of the mall, but resulting in significant cost savings. Better yet, each camera required only one wire run, which reduced wiring costs by 50 percent.

The network also will be used to increase the mobility of its security team. Mall security will be able to patrol with tablets and see live camera views. In addition, The Mall at Short Hills is installing outdoor directional Wi-Fi to help mall management, police and first responders in the event they need to locate someone during a situation.

Local police also will have access to the mall’s cameras to realize enhanced situational awareness in the event of a crime. From anywhere on the property, officials will be able to tap into a very high-speed link to the command center.

retail short hills mall