With a history stretching back to 1776, Iceland Post was founded following a decree from King Christian VII of Denmark, demanding an Icelandic postal service. Two years later, biannual sailings were introduced between the two countries, establishing a connection which continues to this day. In 1873, the first Icelandic stamps were issued and the postal system was placed under local administration, finally becoming an incorporated company in 1998.

Securing packages

As with all postal services, one of Iceland Post’s main concerns – in addition to reliability and stability – is security. Having been charged with transporting everything from birthday cards, to business stock, keeping their clients’ products safe is a top priority – something made possible by the introduction of the hemispheric MOBOTIX cameras.

Security that grows

By following the advice from Securitas, Iceland Post found the ideal product to suit their security requirements. As their needs grew, they were able to upgrade their security system with other MOBOTIX products, strengthening the protection already offered by the hemispheric cameras.

About the Hemispheric MOBOTIX camera

With a choice of housings available, the hemispheric camera is able to meet a large number of installation requirements. Whether embedded in the ceiling for a less obtrusive installation or encased within a vandalism-proof shell, the single hemispheric lens offers several viewing options to provide full 360° coverage of a room. For instance, when mounted to a ceiling, the Quad View function means the camera can essentially.

It was chosen because it provides a hemispherical 360° all-round view with just one lens. In short, only one camera is needed to view all four corners of a room. The employees at the post office can now see the customer service area and the service desk in one picture.

Haflidi Jonsson