Security, access control and effective processes at Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust

Strandpark De Zeeuwse Kust is a large vacation park on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland in the Netherlands. The area has a campsite with 210 pitches, 180 chalets, a hotel with 40 rooms, and 20 apartments. The resort is open all year round.

Challenge: Large area, many people

The goal is to create a safe recreational and working environment for all guests and employees. “With many thousands of guests we welcome each year and around 120 employees during the summer, reliable video systems help us make this a reality,” says De Zeeuwse Kust operator Marc Ruijtenberg. “We want to use it to prevent undesirable behavior consistently and to be able to clarify and assess incidents when necessary.”

Solution: High-quality, cyber-secure cameras

“Our experience with the MOBOTIX video systems have been consistently good,” Rujtenberg continues. “Applications such as access control using facial recognition and the detection of conspicuous body surface temperatures in corona time worked very reliably.” Around 80 MOBOTIX cameras are now installed at the vacation park, planned, implemented, and maintained by Kees Huinink of ForceFusion B.V. Preventive surveillance, and simple access control are the main applications.

Conclusion: reliability, effectiveness, and cost savings

“The cameras have been supporting us for 15 years,” Ruijtenberg said. “Many Our guests do not even get the idea of misbehaving because you know that the cameras would capture that. And still, it comes Once incidents occur, disputes, e.g., regarding compensation for damages, are quickly clarified and settled. Especially incidents in the area of the barrier in the access area could be clarified and prevented this way.”

After presenting the corresponding evidence pictures, there is no more discussion about the settlement of claims. The same applies to parking damage and other incidents. Of course, only records that help clarify incidents are viewed. The data is then automatically deleted afterward.

A network expert intensively tested the cyber security of the MOBOTIX cameras for several days at the insurer’s request. The cameras were brilliantly resistant to all hacker attacks.

Kees Huinink, ForceFusion B.V.