IBOMADE was founded in 2019 and is a rapidly growing company in the field of traffic management. The business focuses on digital information boards for traffic monitoring, diversion signs and traffic jam warning systems. The mobile systems employ the latest LED technology in combination with reliable radar and sensor technology to enable accurate traffic jam detection. They are important tools for ensuring road safety on freeways and expressways.

Challenge — Install Once, Work Forever

High-quality traffic data is collected and transmitted quickly since to very high standards in a very short amount of timethe . The accuracy and speed of the mobile LED traffic jam warning systems helps to means they are able to significantly increase road safety.

But maintenance work on the cameras or traffic jam warning signs (such as changing the batteries) needs to be should be avoided as it requires lane closures parts of the freeway to be closed (individual lanes), which can could cause traffic jams and even accidents. These closures are also costly Costs are incurred with every closure too. Lastly, and, perhaps mostly importantly, working on the freeway is always risky and dangerous for the technicians involved. Construction sites and areas like such as the ends of a traffic jams are particularly prone to accidents. This means that, in an ideal scenario, the Ideally, these types of systems and cameras need to function should be able to work for many years and only need with the help of remote maintenance once they have been installed.

Case Study IBOMADE Staugefahr
Case Study IBOMADE Station

Solutions and Benefits — Energy Saving and Maintenance Free

IBOMADE uses MOBOTIX M16 and M26 cameras for monitoring traffic, monitoring construction sites and carrying out remote maintenance. IBOMADE often requires image data to be incorporated into regional traffic monitoring centers as well. Each MOBOTIX camera can The available settings allow the cameras to be set up and customized easily depending on its location and function. and individually parameterized to meet all requirements. For data protection reasons, road traffic is monitored exclusively using VGA thermal lenses, which cannot detect license plates numbers. However, the cameras can provide a much higher resolution if required.  

The energy-saving MOBOTIX cameras are connected to the system via Power over Ethernet (POE) PoEand conserve battery power. They fit seamlessly into the energy-efficient mobile systems which use photovoltaic technology and state-of-the-art LEDs. conserve the mobile systems’ battery and fit seamlessly into the energy-efficient overall concept, which is operated using technology such as photovoltaic systems and state-of-the-art LEDs.

The MOBOTIX video systems are highly reliable, weatherproof and durable. They meet the high demands that we place on our traffic monitoring system.

Adem Bogocli, Managing Director, IBOMADE

Conclusion — Great Potential Through Intelligent Video Analysis

The company has had such a positive experience withBecause the reliable, weather-resistant MOBOTIX Mx6-series systems have been so successful, IBOMADE that it is now looking at how the MOBOTIX 7 generation of products cancould be used with its intelligent video analysis. This will include functions such as  to counting traffic, determininge traffic density and or detecting vehicles driving in the wrong direction.