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More than ever, operators of public and private transportation services and commercial transport vehicles must take action against vandalism, theft and violence being perpetrated within and against their vehicles. Those companies take these measures to ensure that their guests feel safe and business remains viable in the long term. MOBOTIX offers decentralized, intelligent video security technology that perfectly suits these requirements.

Offenders can be identified faster and more reliably with the help of detailed wall-to-wall images than with conventional video systems. “Video Surveillance by MOBOTIX” discourages offenders and has been proven to increase the safety of passengers and staff alike. What’s more, it needs to be possible to locate vehicles in the fleet at any time, while optimizing vehicle fleet utilization. Security technicians from all over the world have been most enthusiastic about the effectiveness and the outstanding image quality delivered by the MOBOTIX systems for years now.

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Discreet And Efficient: 360° Technology By MOBOTIX

MOBOTIX systems have been subjected to rigorous certification tests*, ensuring that complete reliability is guaranteed at all times, even under the most challenging environmental conditions for mobile use. The security solution is cost-effective for all types of vehicles thanks to easy installation, minimal space requirements and no reliance on expensive, fragile recording devices. For example, a MOBOTIX S16 camera in a camera housing with integrated flash memory is not susceptible to shocks, vibrations or temperature fluctuations.

Custom-made accessories enable customers to discreetly implement the systems to ensure the safety of passengers and prevent vandalism and damage in transportation vehicles. There will always be documentation of passenger and vehicle operator behavior. An automatic or manual alarm call can be quickly transmitted to the specified location, including transmission of current video and GPS data, if a bus or truck has left the defined area of operation or if an event requires the involvement of police or other emergency responders.

Digital is Pivotal!

The MOBOTIX 7 platform includes special apps for the M73 high-end camera. The applications take advantage of artificial intelligence and deep learning. In other words, the software is specifically tailored to individual applications using calcula-tion methods and operating instructions.

The MOBOTIX 7 platform can already cover a significant number of industry-specific applications with its special apps. It is also open for apps developed by our partners and customers themselves. This means that practically every conceivable application can be mapped. The possibilities are virtually endless!


All certified Apps


M73 Thermal MOBOTIX7
  • Universal Code Detection on Documents, Labels, and Serial-Number Plates

  • Detect and Filter Out Non-Critical Heat Sources, Reduce false alarms

  • Barcodes (1D code), QR codes and other area codes (2D) fast and reliable

  • Thermal App exclusively for CNPP-certified M73 TR and S74 TR

  • Definition of up to 20 temperature measurement ranges within the camera's field of view

  • The MOBOTIX ColorRecognition app detects colors based on predefined values. Corresponding color values increase or decrease when they are hidden or visible.

  • The MOBOTIX ActivitySensor AI application combines the advantages of the MOBOTIX AcitivitySensor (object movement) with artificial intelligence-based object detection.

  • The application recognizes USDOT numbers in real-time and with metadata such as time, date, and GPS position allows tracking and identification of registered vehicles.

  • License plate recognition allows you to monitor two directions of travel at once or double the number of lanes being monitored compared to single-lens application.

  • The software recognizes the identification numbers on aircraft. This is particularly useful and important for private planes and light aircraft without transponders.

  • Artificial intelligence-based video analytics solution for recognizing the 12-digit numbers of International Union of Railways wagons and passenger coaches.

  • License plate recognition with additional recognition of car make, model, color.

  • The Container Code Recognition App recognizes cargo container codes according to ISO 6346 with an accuracy of over 99%.

  • The app recognizes license plates from around the world and simultaneously detects dangerous goods plates.

  • With this app, vehicle license plates from all over the world can be recognized and compared with "block" or "allow" lists, e.g. for access control.

  • Detect objects, count persons/objects (also cumulated), detect movements in restricted areas and create heat maps. All in one app!

  • AI-FaceDetect-Deep counts people based on detection of their faces and can also detect if masks are worn or not worn.

  • AI-Fire is the app for early detection of indoor and outdoor flames without thermal imaging.

  • The app enables the biometric analysis of customers or visitors based on gender, age and length of stay in the image area.

  • AI-Heat identifies frequently visited and less frequented areas based on the time spent by a person and creates heat maps from this information.

  • AI-Spill is able to detect the falling of a person and then the presence of a person on the ground.

  • AI-Incident detects pedestrians in defined areas as well as stopped vehicles, queues or vehicles in the wrong direction of travel.

  • AI-Road3D is the video analytics plugin for traffic monitoring and smart cities.

  • The app can classify vehicles and recognize if and how many parking spaces are free or occupied.

  • The application can identify areas that are overcrowded, e.g. with too many people or vehicles, based on the occupied portion in relation to the total area.

  • The app identifies the occupancy percentage of one or more areas inside the scene.

  • AI-Loitering detects suspicious behavior of people who spend a long time in a sensitive area.

  • AI-Lost allows to detect abandoned and/or removed objects.

  • The integrated app counts persons/objects (also accumulated), detects motions in restricted areas and creates heat maps.

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