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MxCC+MxServer+Axis 233D

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Pavel Alpatov

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MxCC+MxServer+Axis 233D

Thursday, November 03, 2011 08:47:41 am

Hello, friends.
Searched this forum without proper question, so decided to ask myself.
I'm using two Axis 233D besides Mobotix cameras in my system, and I've encountered one annoying bug with Axis. As Mobotix says this camera has full integration in MxCC and MxServer as well. But during viewing Axis via MxCC the video stream freezes for a second every 10-15 sec, sometimes 1 minute. But sometimes it can be viewed without freezing for about 5 minutes. It happens only in layout camera window. If I open an extra window and plaace it near layout window I wondering that extra window works fine at all, no freezes, smooth stream. I haven't got got any idea why it happens (I mean freezes). This feature bothering my customer, so I hope it can be resolved. Could anyone help with this issue? I'm willing to provide any additional information.
Thank you.