Hellers is the largest producer of bacon and ham in New Zealand. 400 employees produce meat products in a facility that is operational day and night.

In 2007, Hellers installed ten M12 DayNight cameras to monitor the park-ing lots and entry roads and prevent theft. The company was delighted by the quality of the images, ease of instal-lation and usability of the system, which has sparked new potential. Over 70 cameras have now been installed at the company. A number of these are Q24 hemispheric cameras, which can monitor the entire room from a single point — with outstanding image quality, even when zooming. 

The cameras have also enabled several minor processes to be optimized. The reduction in the number of hours worked and the adaptation of processes has resulted in remarkable savings. The system was even able to identify incorrect cleaning of a machine, which alone resulted in savings of several thousand dollars.