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CAR READER - Number Plate Recognition

License plate detection is used in various scenarios’ like company entrance control, security areas, gas stations, parking lots or vehicle management. Besides security aspects drivers comfort is also playing a big role. Cameras are reading license plate from any vehicle and the system is reading them automatically. With is giving the possibility for unique identification of vehicles and to check access restrictions without any additional ticket.

Our Software is Ready for MOBOTIX MxMC with the Smart Data Interface.

Key Features & Benefits

Reading of EU license plates, additional countries can be added optional
Evaluation period less than 100 ms per picture
Speed limit for evaluation of driving cars using MOBOTIX cameras: 30 km/h
Day/Night and all weather usage possible
Picture evaluation triggers: internal or external motion detection, induction loop, light barrier, file handling
3rd party application connection about SQL/MySQL/TCP IP

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