Wegmüller Attikon is the oldest wood and cardboard packaging manufacturer in Switzerland. The company manufactures special packaging, for example, for trade fairs and medical technology. 15,000 cubic meters of sustainably managed wood are processed yearly for individual export packaging alone.

Challenge - Combustible materials in demanding environments

Wood and cardboard are stored and processed in various ways everywhere on the plant site. This poses a potential fire hazard. The batteries of multiple machines, which give off heat and can overheat, also contribute to this. Monitoring technology must reliably monitor the extensive outdoor area and large warehouses. In addition, Wegmüller Attikon operates three wood chip silos, which, in addition to the fire hazard, have an excessively dusty environment. Forklifts and trucks move around the site. The aim is to prevent vehicles with hot engines, body parts, and exhaust systems from triggering false alarms during fire protection monitoring.


Solution - Making heat visible- minimizing false alarms

The MOBOTIX Thermal TR cameras cover large areas and halls. In the wood chip silos, the MOBOTIX cameras were equipped with SITRAC air spray housings due to the enormously high dust content. With the Thermal Validation App developed in-house by MOBOTIX, hot mobile heat sources can be filtered out for alarming. This prevents alarms being triggered by forklifts and trucks and significantly reduces the false alarm rate.

Conclusion - Detect early, act fast, and be safe!

Security in the plant is established around the clock and on the entire site. The system can be accessed at any time. The customer and MOBOTIX partner also have a MOBOTIX specialist via the Professional Service and thus additional security since the fire protection system is checked several times. This provides safety and the necessary freedom for carefree and successful work with the highest precision, just as customers expect from Wegmüller.

Quality, precision, and safety are key corporate values for us, which we also apply to the fireprotection of our site. All the more reason for us to be delighted with the interaction with Andreas Ceccon from MOBOTIX partner Sitrac and Maik Ceiler, who was responsible for MOBOTIX Professional Service.

Marc Wegmüller, Wegmüller Attikon