Elektro-Schäfer GmbH has been helping the Kempe Group with its IT and telecommunications for around ten years now. Schäfer worked closely with the electrical wholesaler Sonepar and MOBOTIX on-site to develop a solution capable of providing comprehensive yet customized protection for each Kempe site, whether it’s a gas station or a car wash. The forecourt convenience store and cash registers are also monitored with MOBOTIX cameras.

Challenge: Monitoring Theft

Every so often, fuel would be stolen without there being conclusive evidence to initiate criminal prosecution because the footage captured by the security cameras was not clear enough. Furthermore, sometimes customers would claim their vehicle had been damaged in a car wash. These problems had been increasing in recent years and Kempe ́s management was desperately keen to find a solution.

Solution: GDPR-Compliant Cybersecure Monitoring

The solution includes a series of MOTOBIX M73 cameras. Thanks to the three built-in modules, the IR emitter module and the long pass filter can be used to detect vehicle license plates even at night and when lit from behind. The close collaboration with Elektro-Schäfer makes the entire process from carrying out a need analysis and providing a quotation through to delivery of the final product fast and efficient. The solution was installed in one to three days depending on the size of the station, which can stay open during that time. The MOBOTIX solution is hassle-free, 100% GDPR-compliant and extremely cybersecure, because the data collected is only stored securely on the camera for a limited time. This prevents data abuse of the images or videos that could be accessed via the network

Conclusion: All-Round Protection — Interior and Exterior, Day and Night

“Saving time is just one of many benefits of the MOBOTIX video surveillance solution at our stations. The marked decline in incidents is encouraging. Our employees feel safe and individuals who steal fuel or do not pay for the services they use can be prosecuted effectively. The number of insurance claims on car washes has gone down too, so all the challenges we used to face have now been completely solved. All-round visibility and protection — day and night!” says Roland Köhler from the Kempe Group summarizing the advantages of the MOBOTIX video system, which is also being used at Kempe’s other gas stations in a similar way.

Each gas station is its very own little universes where all the individual components need to complement each other perfectly. The different local conditions (market environment, custom- er structure) give rise to differing requirements — but all of these can be fully satisfied with MOBOTIX video systems, to the complete safety of our customers and employees.

Roland Köhler, Kempe Gruppe