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Perfect Overview, Prevention and Safety

According to recent studies for retail operations, the so-called annual inventory ­differences, which are irregularities caused by theft, fraud, manipulation of customers, employees and suppliers, just in Germany alone, amounted to almost four billion Euros. With the investment of more than one billion euros in prevention and security measures, the use of intelligent video security in the retail sector is becoming increasingly important. However, modern IP video solutions can provide much more than just theft prevention or video evidence. Besides typical security coverage, an intelligent IP video solution from MOBOTIX will open up com- pletely new perspectives for the retail industry.

Intelligent IP Video Solutions

Optimization of Sales

The competitive indoor models, supporting all outstanding MOBOTIX features, are ideal for retailers. Due to short distances in indoor environments, the MOBOTIX Hemispheric technology is perfect to achieve 360° or 180° panorama coverage without any blind spots. Optimization of Sales Due to the perfect overview, additional data acquired from heatmaps and cash transactions, it is possible to improve workforce deployment, design of the shop interior, as well as the placement of advertisements and offers in every retail environment. Business intelligence data delivered from the intelligent camera system will ultimately increase sales while minimizing costs.

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