Dignity, respect and responsibility are the cornerstones of the healthcare sector. Whether in a hospital, clinic, nursing home or retirement home, the well-being and safety of patients and relatives are the top priority. On the other hand, the working conditions for doctors, nurses and caregivers must be as good as possible. The deployment of a MOBOTIX solution at the Clinique d’Occitanie demonstrates how video technology contributes to the smooth and efficient management of the organization.

Video technology digitizes global security at the Clinique d’Occitanie

David Bell arrived in 2010 as CIO and head of security at the Clinique d’Occitanie. He was asked to modernize the security and safety of the establishment, which had been managed solely by security guards. The clinic has suffered property damage, unsocial behavior and several violent incidents. This former Cegelec employee, already a champion of video surveillance solutions, decided to make the Clinique d’Occitanie a showcase for automated video security. The project was carried out in conjunction with the Technical Department, MOBOTIX and it distributor ACTN. 


Ensure caregiver, patient and property safety

Initially, 17 cameras were installed in outside areas to improve security access, particularly to emergency rooms. As soon as the cameras were installed, all the thefts, damage and unsocial behavior we had before came to a halt! That’s why we very quickly decided to deploy cameras inside our premises as well, in order to protect our hospital staff, patients and visitors, says David Bell. Today, there are more than 60 cameras across the estate controlled remotely by an agent.

The cameras also make it possible to protect extremely sensitive areas such as the clinic’s

pharmacy, computer rooms and power generators. Although the initial reason for implementing the solution was security, the clinic quickly realized the additional benefits of image analysis that MOBOTIX delivers. «With MOBOTIX, the possibilities are so great that the field of application is endless,» says David Bell. 

Solutions designed for CIOs 

David Bell says: «We chose MOBOTIX solutions from the start. Not only had I already experienced the quality and robustness of its products when I was at Cegelec, but above all, they are the only ones that allow 100% IT management of the video park. Despite the number of features, they blend very easily into a converged IT system and interconnect with our IT infrastructure.»

David Bell also welcomes the fact that there is no need to set up a specific IT network for the cameras. MOBOTIX solutions are designed to allow the convergence of all tools on the IT system and at the same time fight against cyber threats. «Cybersecurity is essential for us as we move towards the 3.0 clinic where everything will be interconnected: smartphones, cameras, video doorkeepers, access, doorbells, etc.» adds David Bell. 


And tomorrow: manage all accesses thanks to smart connected cameras 

«With MOBOTIX you start to imagine everything is possible. We are thinking about applications that allow us to link license plate recognition data with personal ID cards to allow seamless access to the building and other facilities like the canteen and unlocking computer workstations. We know that a comprehensive and converged security policy can sit alongside our full-IP strategy where technical services and IT work together,» concludes David Bell.