The RV industry is thriving and continues to grow with more and more people exploring in the comfort of their motorhome.

Challenge: Overseeing a complex area

General RV’s storage yard occupies most of the area to be surveyed. Other sites are available for RV owners to rent. The company wants to protect its huge assets in the form of the many RVs. And, of course, the tenants on site also want the best protection.

Due to the lack of connectivity of General RV’s original cameras, it was impossible to centralize security. Evidence was collected after the fact by pulling the SD card from the cameras. This was followed by hours of searching through footage for intruders or wildlife.

Solution - Security on site and in the used technology

MOBOTIX partner Productive AV integrated a robust surveillance system with MOBOTIX cameras and software on the premises. There are 65 active cameras in total. MOBOTIX ManagementCenter software allows live monitoring of each camera from any location.

MOBOTIX's M26 omnidirectional cameras secure the General RV site. Their weatherproof and reinforced housing makes them robust and durable. p26 Indoor PT Cameras monitor the showroom to protect it from theft. They also monitor the garage for quality assurance.

Conclusion: Saving money and convicting thieves

Within the first week of installation, an RV owner wanted to claim $5,000 from General RV for damages allegedly incurred there. However, the general manager quickly found the footage from that visit and was thus able to point to the damage that was already there. This led to a very quick and painless conclusion to the conversation.

Productive AV's system recently caught four thieves entering the parking lot and stealing three RVs. Thanks to the footage, the police were quickly in the picture and were able to launch an intensive search.