Online Courses

Online Courses

The MOBOTIX eCampus is a complete e-learning platform. It lets you decide when and where you want to view and process your training seminar content. Simply open the site in your browser and select the desired training seminar.


You continue your training anywhere, anytime with MOBOTIX eCampus!

We provide a wealth of in-depth information on our products, software and updates for both, as well as on more general topics such as the basics of network technology. It’s all online!


You’ll receive this information in the form of easy-to-understand video tutorials, best practice scenarios, diagrams and much more!

Have you already received your personal login details for our eCampus portal? Then simply click the eCampus button and log in there.


Did you attend our on-site training seminar and then receive a login link with login details? You can use these login details to resume working on all the contents of the on-site training seminar, as well as to download the presentations and work documents. To do so, simply click the eCampus button to get started.


Still don’t have any login details, and want to start by taking a look at our e-learning portal? You can use the guest account


User name: guest
Password: mobotix

to participate in some of the basic courses and then decide if you’d like to see more content. If you’re interested, click the “Register” button and enter your personal information into the following form. You will then receive your login details from us via e-mail.