With 86 rooms and 40 members of staff, the Friendly Cityhotel Oktopus is located in the heart of Siegburg, North Rhine-Westphalia. The hotel attracts large numbers of vacationers thanks to its direct connection to the Oktopus water park, which boasts the largest diving tower in Europe. The completion of the new building in 2018 has bolstered the hotel’s business and conference trade too.

Thermal technology safeguards operations while protecting staff and guests

The 2020 pandemic has caused many people to be wary of traveling and staying in hotels. The hotel’s greatest challenge is to prove to guests that they are safe. “Having the MOBOTIX M16-TR thermal imaging camera installed by our IT partner HILTTEC enables us to offer our guests higher safety standards during the COVID-19 crisis,” says Hotel Director Thomas Oharek.

There are already 54 MOBOTIX cameras in use in the hotel and sports complex. The special MOBOTIX thermal camera has been installed in the entrance area, above the reception. Every person entering the hotel (guests, tradespeople, staff) has to stop at the checkpoint marked on the floor. The system detects an elevated body temperature in real time and then sounds an alarm.

Friendly Cityhotel Oktopus

Having our guests trust our hotel is crucial for us. MOBOTIX’s high-end technology and our IT partner HILTTEC’s flexible approach have been instrumental in gaining such trust.

Hotel Director Thomas Oharek


 The trusting collaboration with MOBOTIX’s long-standing partner is paying off for the hotel. Established expertise and high-end video technology are vital in this case — but service, trust and flexibility are playing a key role too. 

 “Our partner HILTTEC fully installed the technology and accommodated our needs with the rental solution. This has played a huge part in ensuring that our operations at the hotel have continued to run smoothly,” says Bernd Rüdiger, Managing Director of the hotel, enthusiastically.