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Dignity, respect, and responsibility are the cornerstones of healthcare. Whether it's a hospital, nursing home, or retirement home, the well-being and safety of patients, residents, and relatives is the highest priority. In addition being able to improve the conditions for doctors, nurses, and carers to reduce strain on staff is vital . Video technology can not only contribute to improving the overall operational needs but also increase efficiency.


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MOBOTIX Video Technology for Vaccination Centers

As central hubs in the fight against the pandemic, the new vaccination centers represent an essential structural task. Smooth processes at all levels must be ensured. You have to protect staff, patients, vaccines, as well as the facility and the equipment. MOBOTIX video technology can effectively support this.


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Specialist Apps Support Medical Professionals

The MOBOTIX 7 platform includes special, certified apps that can be used with the high-end M73 and S74 cameras. The apps make the most of the advantages of artificial intelligence and deep learning. For example, the apps can detect people lying on the ground who may require assistance, to detect people who are not wearing masks or to control vehicular access using license plate recognition.

The MOBOTIX 7 platform already covers a significant number of industry-specific applications thanks to its special custom apps. It can also be used with apps developed by our partners and customers themselves. This means that practically every conceivable application can be mapped. The possibilities are virtually endless!

  • App AI-Crowd-Deep Counting

  • MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Smoke

  • MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Spill

  • MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Loitering

Dynamic Pixelation of individuals for DSGVO-compliant monitoring

Universal Code Detection on Documents, Labels, and Serial-Number Plates

The MOBOTIX ActivitySensor AI application combines the advantages of the MOBOTIX AcitivitySensor (object movement) with artificial intelligence-based object detection.

License plate recognition allows you to monitor two directions of travel at once or double the number of lanes being monitored compared to single-lens application.

The software recognizes the identification numbers on aircraft. This is particularly useful and important for private planes and light aircraft without transponders.

The specialized application reliably detects intrusions, even if the people or vehicles only a cover small part of the field of vision.

Detect objects, count persons/objects (also cumulated), detect movements in restricted areas and create heat maps. All in one app!

AI-FaceDetect-Deep counts people based on detection of their faces and can also detect if masks are worn or not worn.

AI-Fire is the app for early detection of indoor and outdoor flames without thermal imaging.

The app enables the biometric analysis of customers or visitors based on gender, age and length of stay in the image area.

AI-Spill is able to detect the falling of a person and then the presence of a person on the ground.

The app estimates and monitors the number of people in an area and identifies social distancing between people.

AI-Lost allows to detect abandoned and/or removed objects.

The app detects intrusion into sensitive areas by crossing (a sequence of) virtual lines.

The application counts people who cross a virtual crossing line - e.g. in the area of a door - in a certain direction.

The integrated app counts persons/objects (also accumulated), detects motions in restricted areas and creates heat maps.


Positive Processes – Productive Partner Projects

Together we meet particular challenges and are continuously developing new industry-specific complete solutions

The MOBOTIX solution partners provide their own intelligent application solutions for MOBOTIX technology, such as water-proof special housings or license plate recognition and authentication systems. The MOBOTIX technology partners are innovative manufacturers of complementary products that MOBOTIX has integrated into its own product. Together, we can offer you the best solutions for almost any special requirement with our premium camera technology.


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Access your systems on the go thanks to MOBOTIX CLOUD

Once your access has been enabled and authorized, MOBOTIX CLOUD allows you to access your video systems anytime, anywhere, and from any device, whether you prefer a smartphone, tablet or PC. This system can be particularly beneficial for those providing security services in clinics or providing care in residential care facilities.

  • No local server required
  • Plug & Play – extremely easy to use
  • No IT skills required
  • Available 24/7
  • Agile, flexible, and scalable

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