There is no such thing as a MOBOTIX standard solution. In cooperation with your MOBOTIX partner, your project is configured to suit your needs from the comprehensive MOBOTIX portfolio. We discuss your processes with you in considerable detail to define the relevant tasks and how we can monitor them reliably and effectively. This ensures that the solution is the perfect fit for your needs and leaves nothing to be desired.

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  • Your Homes Newcastle
    Your Homes Newcastle
    Your Home Newcastle protects their properties and residents by continually monitoring temperatures with a combination of MOBOTIX Thermal imaging cameras and OpenView’s early fire detection system.
  • MOBOTIX & Hekatron
    Kuhn Rikon, Switzerland
    • Smooth operation for 2 years
    • 5% increase in production
    • System applied to other machines
  • Food Market Vitoria, Spain
    Food Market Vitoria
    The traditional Food Market Vitoria has been renovated and modeled after well-known markets with modern shopping and leisure models, such as San Miguel in Madrid and La Boqueria in Barcelona.
  • St. Andre College FR
    Collège Episcopal Saint André
    A new video security system had to be implemented to ensure the security of everyone on the premises of the Collège Episcopal Saint André school in Colmar, France.
  • Savelberg Netherland
    Savelberg Care Center
    The versatile Savelberg care center in Gouda, the Netherlands, invests continuously in improving conditions to increase the quality of life for the elderly and individuals with dementia.
  • Montebello USA
    The city-owned Montebello Bus Lines (MBL) is the third-largest public transit agency in Los Angeles County, California, with an annual ridership of over 8.2 million. As part of its duty of care and obligation to keep both its passengers and bus drivers safe, the agency needed a suitable video security solution that would enable faster responses to incidents.
  • London Underground
    London Underground
    London Underground (LU) maintains hundreds of facilities across the English capital that provide access to tracks and tunnels, and possesses highly specialist equipment and spare parts needed for both routine maintenance and improvement work. The loss of specialist equipment through theft can impact the entire network.

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